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Published: 02nd March 2010
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Diabetes mellitus is a disease in which the glucose metabolism is influenced, causing the level of glucose in blood to increase. Glucose can be found in the urine too in patients who suffer of this emotions. The accumulation of glucose in blood is due to an insufficient secretion of insulin or by a malfunction of the insulin. Insulin is produced by the pancreas and its role is to take the glucose from the blood and make it enter the cells of the body which use it for producing energy.

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If the glucose metabolism is influenced the body gives signals to the brain which should increase hunger and so more food will be eaten. This way the glucose level in blood will increase more rapidly causing toxic products to appear ( ketones ). If these products are not discovered soon they'll cause diabetic ketoacidosis which is a potentially terminal condition.

Treatment of diabetes is focused on lowering the level of glucose in the blood and on shielding the patient from the effects this illness causes.

Diabetes is split into three types : type one, type 2 and gestational diabetes.

The first 2 types are chronic emotion and the 3rd one vanishes after the birth is done.

Type 1 is known to happen in childhood and was named as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. The pancreas is not ready to produce the insulin any more as the cells responsible to this process have been destroyed by the body. These patients require insulin injections permanently .

Diabetes type 2, also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus happens often during adulthood. In this situation the insulin is not produced in acceptable quantities or it isn't effective on the body cells.

Type 1 isn't as regular as type two is. In 1995 there were known to be 430,700 Australians who suffered of diabetes. 19% of them were influenced by diabetes type1. The rest were thought to be mostly type two diabetic patients. These days scientists believe that for every diagnosed type 2, there's one other undiagnosed type 2 patient.

In some cases diabetes is a consequence of a misuse of certain drugs, or a result of a different tenderness like : endocrine illnesses, pancreatic sicknesses, contagions, genetic illnesses, and misusage of gear and chemicals.

The treatment will help the patient control the level of glucose in blood and ameliorate the symptoms ; the doctor will also help the patient letting him know what he's permitted to eat and what he must avoid ; will advise him what to do when he feels ill and will let him know where he will procure his diabetes supplies.

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